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  • Scream 2

    Scream 2


    Not quite as crisp as SCREAM, but given its rushed production after the first one’s success its impressive that more wasn’t sacrificed.

    Williamson’s script and Craven’s governance over the look of the film and the exuberant murders create a warm, familiar Archie & Jughead feel to the campus location and to the greater SCREAM-universe. Again, SCREAM’s pro young actors (Timothy Olyphant, Sara Michelle Gellar, Josh Jackson, Jerry O’Connell—all before they were bigger deals) buoy the cliched conventions of the genre and…

  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

    Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


    There’s a bizarre amount of love for this one.  Honestly, it’s a pretty lame entry.  It’s clumsily our together, with some of terrible performances in terrible roles.  Furthermore, there’s an awkward edit of shots.  It’s a truly amateur outing.

    I know such things don’t really count in a Friday film, but the film fails to get any traction early on   Jason’s self-revival is so poorly written, storylined, and edited that it really needn’t have been a thing.  He could…

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  • Scream



    SCREAM was instantly iconic with good reason. Not only did it fit the effective templates for a slasher film on the story side of production and low-budget & high-yield money-maker on the business side, but Wes Craven's teen horror addressed almost every element of filmmaking with a certain calculated value added.

    Although young & hot as per the formula, this cast was a talented and highly experienced crew. Quirky characters are ramped up with charm (for example, David Arquette's Dewey is a…

  • 1917



    With all of its production value, gimmicky roving camera, and (falsely advertised) real-time narrative, 1917 is impressive to experience, but honestly is a little light on an emotional core. George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman lack the weight, it seems, to make me care about them. Honestly, the long, 'look-at-me' shots have such forward momentum and 'what's next' drama, the audience never really gets a moment to slow down and get to know these young soldiers. And, that's what I think…