Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

Not quite as crisp as SCREAM, but given its rushed production after the first one’s success its impressive that more wasn’t sacrificed.

Williamson’s script and Craven’s governance over the look of the film and the exuberant murders create a warm, familiar Archie & Jughead feel to the campus location and to the greater SCREAM-universe. Again, SCREAM’s pro young actors (Timothy Olyphant, Sara Michelle Gellar, Josh Jackson, Jerry O’Connell—all before they were bigger deals) buoy the cliched conventions of the genre and flesh out much more than the cast of a slasher film, but a moderately layered murder-mystery.

Ghost face continue to be a terrific emblem of film terror and terror filmmaking.  The theatre setting makes a great location for the climax.  The kills are gruesome, yet the script manages an appropriately light tone at the same time—largely, because of the faux sense that the film jumps through the proscenium to our side as it articulates what we’re seeing, what we already know, and what we should know about horror sequel filmmaking. It’s effective self-referential storytelling that makes some of the quirks of ending (arguably the film’s weakest material) forgivable.

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