Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

Not too much to say about this rewatch critically except its colors seem surprisingly dull.  The opening sequence has the gray drabness if a foggy London morning.  Similarly, later sequences seem devoid of color contrast and have a blue or beige filter atop the lens depending on the planet the characters are on.

What is interesting about SOLO is how it will shape upcoming box office releases.  A shocking North American and worldwide box office dud.  If you had said at any point in history that an ANT-MAN sequel would out-earn a Han Solo movie, I would have scoffed.  Yet, in about two weeks, ANT-MAN will pass SOLO in domestic earnings and already has abroad!

What’s up with that?  A couple theories:

I wonder if audiences are growing basically tired of blockbuster sequels—especially from Disney.  But SOLO came after Marvel & Star Wars megafilms (LAST JEDI, BLACK PANTHER, AVENGERS, and DEADPOOL 2).  An exhaustion of must-see film universes might have been at play—especially since SOLO didn’t seem as connected to its central universe.

Also, who was this Ehrenreich guy?  I wonder if the box office allure of SOLO was impacted by an unknown Baby-Driver-type dude taking on such an iconic character.  Would there be much interest in a film with Rhett Butler with someone other than Gable playing him?  I remember HANNIBAL RISING bombing too.

Anyway, I think that it will be curious what happens with both the Marvel and Star Wars universes (and their box offices) in the coming years because I expect these two cash cows will see financial challenges unlike what Disney has dealt with in the past four years.

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