Ad Astra ★★★★

"I am looking forward to the day my solitude ends."

this is the sci-fi i've been longing for brad to make. a deeply intimate look at loneliness, fear, repression, emotionality, vulnerability, father and masculinity issues, and more. it's Tree of Life in space, complete with ubiquitous voiceover narration.

brad has historically been at his best when he can truly connect with a character, and he clearly sees himself in roy mcbride –– to survive as an astronaut forced to make life-threatening decisions in the spur of the moment, one must adapt a veneer of eternal coolness. to survive as one of the most famous actors in the world, one must do the same.

in the semi-dystopian near future of brad astra, emotions are regarded as unnecessary baggage, and emotional people are relegated to "comfort rooms" until they can relax. so mcbride represses everything until he can't take it anymore. he holds back tears when a robot asks him about his psychological state –– it seems this is the only entity to ever truly ask him that question. how often do you think people genuinely ask brad how he's feeling? how often do you think he tells them the truth?

the role of roy mcbride is molded perfectly for brad to inhabit as naturally as a second skin. very few actors can pull off being the center of every single scene in a 2 hour movie, and brad is inarguably one of them. he could easily be on course for a double oscar nomination next year, and to that i say ......... I TOLD YOU SO

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