Booksmart ★★★★

no party is complete without alanis morissette karaoke, an Our Eyes Meet From Across The Room fantasy, and an anxious lesbian crying in the bathroom!

lots to love about Booksmart, but i think my favorite aspects stem from olivia wilde’s background as an actress. she had a strict “No Assholes” policy on set, and the results are self-evident: the young cast’s authentic performances are a product of their comfortable environment, and you can tell they weren’t afraid to shed their inhibitions and experiment. billie lourd shines in particular as a manic pixie rich witch, channelling the off-the-wall comedic instincts of her mom, carrie fisher (💔).

while the Superbad comparisons are apt (beanie is even jonah hill’s little sister), the originality of the whip-smart script and wilde’s empathetic direction should not be diminished. the emotional beats resonate deeply, just like everything did at that melodramatic age, and the inclusion of a well-written, explicitly lesbian main character will mean the world to questioning teens. nobody is one-dimensional, and neither is Booksmart.

(also, jason sudeikis is there as the school principal, and i personally feel it’s a badass power move to cast and direct your husband — it’s just like angelina jolie directing brad pitt in By The Sea, except less divorce hopefully!)

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