Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

one of my cinematic pet peeves is when a character's reaction to a nosebleed is to tilt their heads back instead of forward. speaking as a frequent nose-bleeder, NO!!!! do NOT do that!!!! that's how you swallow blood clots, you AMATEURS. you nosebleed DILETTANTES.

what i'm getting at is this: when elio's nose starts bleeding and he leans forward ...... BRILLIANT! exactly what you're supposed to do! and there's even an added bonus of his going to find ice to constrict the blood vessels. they didn't need to add that but they did. i'm endlessly appreciative of instructional scenes such as this one, as they help to offset all the grossly inaccurate nosebleed depictions we've been inundated with. thank you luca guadagnino for your public health service

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