Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future ★★★½

as a Certified Cronenbabe, it’s gratifying to see the definitive king of body horror return to his old-school roots. reminded me of an amalgamation of eXistenZ, Dead Ringers, and his novel Consumed, which are my favorite works of his, so i was an automatic sucker for this. fantastic speculative world-building exercise, and even if the plethora of themes/ideas didn't fully coalesce in the end, its imagery and effects were so grotesquely unique that i have to admire it.

this one is for the fellow sickos who had an erotic awakening while watching the oscar isaac vivisection scene in Annihilation. surgery IS the new sex! 🫀

ps. i talked about the film on Letterboxd’s weekly podcast Weekend Watchlist, which i co-host! give it a listen here👂👂👂

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