Game Night ★★★★

hot take: kyle chandler is great, but brad pitt could've and should've played the role of brooks.

HEAR ME OUT -- i know i know i KNOW i did this exact same thing with my logan lucky review, but i've been very passionate about the idea of making brad pitt a comedy icon since he blew us all away with his performance of a dumb gym trainer in burn after reading.

1. the whole premise of the film is essentially "what if david fincher's the game was a comedy?" in addition to this, the panning camera technique through the mansion is reminiscent of panic room, and there are several references to fight clubs. the stunt casting of brad pitt, a fincher favorite, would've further highlighted the homage aspect. it would also have made the group's refusal to believe ryan's insistence that fight clubs are real extra funny.
2. more people would see this movie if he was in it, which is great because it's such a well-made, hilarious comedy!
3. he looked great with dark hair in the assassination of jesse james and i think he should bring it back.
4. he's ummm what's the word ...... Hot

the only issue i can think of is that jason bateman is loyal to jennifer aniston (he's done FIVE films with her!), so i'm not sure he'd be down to act with her ex. this is the only thing stopping me from spamming the studio with hate mail about this grievous mistake.