Gone Girl ★★★★★

not to make every conceivable thing about brad pitt but i have not known one day of peace since i found out that he and reese witherspoon almost played nick and amy. that would be such a different movie and it wouldn’t have worked AT ALL yet .... i WANT IT!!! not even the whole thing — i’d be satisfied with just the screen tests. 

but again, it wouldn’t have worked: ben affleck’s face is easier to villainize, and rosamund pike’s vulpine performance is flawless. i get it, i accept it, i support it. the ultimate reason why i have not known peace is this: the mental image of brad pitt reading Gone Girl (the script and/or the novel) and respecting it enough to seriously consider playing nick dunne is unbearably romantic. what was he thinking? how was he feeling? what have we done to each other? what will we do?

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