Mikey and Nicky ★★★★½

on fourth watch i’ve officially moved this into my Top 4 and decided it’s one of the best gangster movies ever made :) <3 should be one of those Classics that budding ᶜᶦⁿᵉᵖʰᶦˡᵉˢ (WE NEED A NEW WORD) watch when they first start figuring out they’re in love with movies and that they’re gonna spend too much money on a cinema studies degree. i’m mourning all the time i spent watching gangster flicks that were not this one, films i could tell were technically great but that i personally couldn’t connect with at all (marty scorsese baby don’t worry this isn’t about you).

anyway, my fourth favorite movie is streaming on kanopy (for free) AND criterion channel! look how little effort it requires to watch. the links are right there! folks, it doesn’t get easier than that

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