Postcards from the Edge ★★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

jack faulkner aka young dennis quaid aka a man who looks like this: hi! i’ll be upfront — our first night together will end when you OD on pills and i ditch you at the hospital in the morning. i won’t stay steadfast by your bedside, anxiously awaiting your awakening — nope, i’m gonna go ghost!

weeks later, i’ll randomly show up again. i’ll pick you up and meet your parents then take you to my ranch in malibu where i’ll give you this big speech about how you’re my fantasy and i’m in love with you, no, don’t make fun of me, i’m really in love with you. and you’re gonna be unstable and sad enough to fall for it!

days later, you are going to find out from annette bening that i fucked her mere hours before i proclaimed my “love” for you. you are going to confront me and i’m going to show my true colors, ranting about how all women are crazy and too emotional, and it’s going to break your heart. we will never see each other again after that. you really wanna do this? *smiles that dennis quaid smile — you know the one*

me, the human embodiment of the heart eyes emoji: sounds bad! i’m in! :)