Scream ★★★★

SUBJECT: New Legislation on “Meta Cinema”


I hope this finds you well. Just wanted to bring to your attention that my film, Scream, is the only movie allowed to do ~Meta~. All future filmmakers must ask for written permission from me, cult legend Ghostface, if they wish to include any sort of heavily meta narrative. Sorry to be a killjoy, but it’s too dangerous of a storytelling tool. Cabin In The Woods pulled it off well, but some of you (I won’t name names) have frankly been over-and-misusing it. 

Thanks for your time!

Ghostface (:

addendum from brat pitt:
yeah hey i’ll name names. can somebody please pass this memo onto the deadpool production team ASAP? i think they’ve had my email blocked since i begged them to cut the brad pitt cameo from the sequel :/

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