The Skin I Live In

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

they had me in the first half with all that voyeuristic male gazing i’m not gonna lie, but the twist left me with a TON of questions in regards to the complex gender politics. feel free to discuss in the comments — i’d love to read some (respectful!!!) opinions to help me figure this film out, especially from non-cis folk!

-because of almodovar’s gay identity & strong track record of making LGBTQ works, is this a post-gender film? if so, does that excuse the (in my opinion) unnecessarily graphic rape scenes?  
-what are the implications of the punishment of every single character? does it mean everyone was wrong? or does it simply mean that the film is not meant to be read as a morality tale?
-was zeca’s raping of vicente/vera supposed to function as a punishment for vicente/vera’s attempted rape of norma?
-are we supposed to root for vicente/vera despite their attempted rape of norma? or are we purposefully not supposed to root for anyone?
-is this a She Did That! film? 
-i’m reading this as a horror story about the fear of being trapped in the body of a gender you don’t identify as — i know that the idea of “being trapped” is regressive, as it implies that ones own body is inherently defective, but i think that Almodovar can get away with exploring this concept because of his personal involvement with LGBTQ art. how do trans folk feel about this interpretation and the film in general?