The Souvenir

The Souvenir ★★★★

i totally get the criticisms for this, since the whole movie basically hinges on whether or not you believe in the incredulous love that julie has for anthony, but also ... and i wish i had a more articulate way to say this .... sometimes it’s just ... like that? sometimes it’s just like thatirrational to everyone but you. 

joanna hogg based this off of an actual experience that she had at film school, and with this semi-fictionalization she’s choosing to retake her own narrative. she knows this relationship doesn’t logically make sense, so it’s her version of her truth. i think it’s bold as hell to do that, knowing that some members of the audience are going to see your very vulnerable story and scream in their minds for half the runtime, “JUST DUMP HIM!!!”

to be so insecure and then to have someone who actually listens to you and encourages you and your art, and then to be unable to explain that magnetism to other people, and sometimes even yourself ... that’s ultimately a worthy and resonating story to tell. and i’m glad she did.

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