Widows ★★★★

not a spoiler but colin farrell stands in front of a banner that says “MINORITY WOMEN” and i’ve never felt more represented in cinema. thank you, mr. farrell, for giving me my rights in exchange for my paying $3.99 to rent your movie Daredevil (2003). 

OK, now i’d like to be genuine and take Widows seriously for a moment because that’s what this cast and crew deserve! the internal, interpersonal, and political levels of conflict all intersect in a way that’s ultra-satisfying. mcqueen allows his scenes to breathe, unafraid to embrace pauses and stock stillness. there’s a slick current of truth running through his directing, his and gillian “She Did That!” flynn’s script, the long takes ... every facet felt authentic (except colin’s “chicago” accent. i love that he tried!). 

the truth is that the marginalized supporting the marginalized, emotionally and institutionally, is crucial.  the truth is that we always have to be wary of politicians, even -no, especially- if they’re hot (BETO!). but the most significant, unassailable, earth shattering truth of all is ... elizabeth debicki is 6’3”.