Yours, Mine & Ours

#QuaidWeek movie #3: yours, mine & ours is a deeply thought-provoking film with radically overt political themes. rene russo’s character represents the left — eschewing strict rules in favor of liberation and compassion. meanwhile, daddy quaid employs complex charts and schedules in order to maintain a rigid familial structure (he also gets upset when rene’s kids dress his twin sons in dresses and jewelry, indicating the right’s outdated fixation on traditional gender roles). overall, this film functions as a fascinating condemnation of america’s two party political system, and it can be argued that its thesis seems to be either A. we must find a middle ground between the two parties, B. we must completely tear down the false dichotomy between right and left and implement a more spectrum-based system, or C. dennis quaid is the hottest dad in family-friendly cinema. personally i’m inclined towards option C