Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

David Fincher has a knack for creating settings that seem claustrophobic and surreal, as if what you are watching is part of somebody's dream. The connection of this dreamlike atmosphere to the main plot stems from the unamed main character's (Edward Norton) symptoms of insomnia, which leaves him in a constantly deflated state. This leads to rambling monologues on the state of the universe, made highly entertaining by the characters sarcastic and dark humour. Norton's delivery is wonderfully deadpan as he spends his time wandering cynically through life. He finds creative ways to deal with his boredom and loneliness: he joins support groups for conditions he does not suffer from. His life changes when he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) a soap salesman. Durden Is everything Nortons character is not: charismatic and carefree while the main protaganist is stiff and highly regimented. Durden appeals to the progtaganist's deep seated anger and loathing at the way his life has turned out and applies to his own anarchist beliefs. The protagnist's dislike of his job and employer leads him to accept Durden's extreme views against the capitalism system we live in.. I think everyone has a bit of Tyler Durden in them as they would secretely want nothing more than to throw off all the useless trappings of modern life, with all its bullshit rules and rituals, the shitty office job and all the exspensive goods you don't really need, to revert to an anmialistic side of doing what we want when we want. Durden and the main protaganist decide to violently reassert their masculinity in an emotionless consumer culture through a series of underground fight clubs. Edward Norton is great, as the burnt out office worker who looks one step away from going on a shooting rampage. Brad Pitt steals the show as Durden however, manic, intense and enlightened, when he speaks he has the conviction of a extremist. Ultimately Fight Club is about two men seeking meaning in their otherwise meaningless lives by creating social clubs where instead of enlightened dicussion, the paticipants beat the shit out of each other.

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