The Twilight Saga: New Moon

This. Was. Terrible. I loved it. Giddy with joy, but terrible.

Doubly terrible because my friends went home and so we text watched for this one and it's not the same. Twilight requires you to have your friend, Bird, laying on the floor and shouting about how terrible everyone is and asking what's happening to people's faces as they emote.

Still v. funny. Still glad to be here on this ride. Better with friends and we definitely should have skipped this for the third film where they get married and he fucks her so powerfully that she passes out and doesn't remember anything.

When asked Team Jacob or Team What's-his-Face, the correct answer is obviously Team Dakota Fanning.

Also the fact that all of these films have 2-hour runtimes is outrageous.

Easily could cut this to 90 or even a solid 85 and not lose any of the awkward and extended shots where people are going for sad, but actually just look like they're pooping themselves.

That being said I'd be happy if this whole film series lasted the rest of my life.

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