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  • An Evening With Tim Heidecker

    An Evening With Tim Heidecker


    Tim Heidecker retweeted me so I have to give this a 5

  • Indecline: It's Worse Than You Think

    Indecline: It's Worse Than You Think

    Obviously for the most part all the Ryen McPherson shit in general is reprehensible, the dude is a certifiably bad person and anything Bumfights is gross as fuck, there's something weirdly nostalgic about this stuff. The whole world of urban decay is something I love, and it's hard to navigate showing that stuff without being exploitative (which this undeniably is). Big shout out to Kids for being as accurate as it is portraying this sort of thing, pure American degeneracy. More thoughts but I can't really articulate them right now

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