Titanic ★★★★★

First rewatch in well over a decade. Probably not a very "cool" opinion, but yep turns out this thing still rips.

I was fully expecting to love the back half that takes place after (spoiler) the cruise ship drives into the iceberg. What I wasn't expecting was how much the first half held up, dishing out some seriously top-tier hangout vibes. Every character, every performance, is just perfect. And the fact that it gives you the time to know and understand all these people in the first half is exactly what makes the second half work so well. Because without that it would have just been another Roland Emmerich CGI splashfest. Script-wise I don't think J. Cam has ever pulled off anything close to this before and certainly not after. Pure. Cinema.

One subtle touch I really enjoyed this time around was how, instead of making Billy Zane die on the ship for his loathsome crimes against humanity, they just added in an expository voiceover explaining that after making it home safe he lost all his money in the wall street crash of 1929 and shot himself in the face. LOL. Good one Jim.

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