Parasite ★★★★★

As of right now, Parasite is going through a change.

A lot of us went to go see Parasite at a time when it was ours. The critics, the movie lovers, and the ones that we dragged with us. It spread like wildfire and it was beautiful and wonderful and special.

Just as Parasite went on stage to accept Best Picture at the Academy Awards, Bong Joon-Ho stepped aside to watch, and it became something very new. Something he couldn't even control. The awards circuit was over.

Now, it's not his anymore and especially not ours.

I've seen Mona Lisa in all her beauty. The unforgettable experience is not the painting itself, but the crowd and the way that it is consumed. A mosh pit of people who know about this and needed to be there and prove it. How it's consumed doesn't change the piece art itself, it changes how we experience it. Parasite is a masterpiece going through this exactly cycle of history. Tonight, I watched Parasite consumed by the general public and it changed how I experienced it entirely.

Accidentally showing up 30 minutes early to a cheap night showing at the only theatre in Edmonton playing it, I was not trying to beat the crowds, I was beating the weather. As we sat down, the placed filled up slowly until there was not a seat left.

This is where things get interesting. The lights finally turned off. The opening credits began. I saw a phone lift. I saw the picture happening. The entire crowd saw the flash hit the screen.

In this moment, the true magic of Parasite really hit. The audience was not mad. Everyone was amused. Audible laughing and weird cheering because of this idiot with the flash photo. The mood was set. The entire first couple acts of the movie were hilarious. Every joke hit, and even more. These weren't the critics. These weren't the cinephiles. These were the people who had read the morning news about the oscars and were here for a good time. With that in mind, this also brought to the surface the absolute genius of tonal shift in this movie.

From a kick down the stairs, to the hit in the head, an entire audience goes from the biggest laugh to the loudest gasp. Everything shifts. A shocked and upright audience right until the end. Not a sound.

This was it. This was the next life cycle of Parasite. I was as sucked into the movie as I was with the crowd. Wild and unpredictable.

As the credits rolled, the same phone lifted and the flash went off. All was well. Theatre going will never die.

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