Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

The best live-action Ratatouille!

OMG - this film is very crazy and maniac at times. The direction definitely handles the chaos of the multiverse well. The screenplay is quite bizarre, yet it works. In a nutshell, this is The Matrix meets Scott Pilgrim vs the World (transmedia storytelling). This may seem confusing, but it is actually not difficult to interpret.

What I liked this film more than other multiverse films (such as No Way Home and Spider-Verse) is the emotional impact. The multiverse brings memories and super unusual events (from completely absurd to before civilisation) into the transformation of characters, which is a very unique concept. There are quite a lot of witty moments I laughed a lot. As a Chinese, this film faithfully represents the Chinese immigrants and I really respect this decision. I also liked how this is actually not as cartoonish. There are a lot of themes that are very appropriate today.

The cast is perfect. Michelle Yeoh is actually fantastic and her performance is seriously Oscar-worthy. Ke Huy Quan is a bit insane at the beginning, but he is the one that affected Yeoh. Stephanie Hsu is pretty wicked at times. Oh yeah, James Hong is a badass too!

The visuals are extremely impressive. There are a lot of colours burst (yes, that includes the hotdog hands) and very dark moments. This is a visual beauty! The editing is very frantic in the multiverse scenes and for the other scenes, the pacing is perfect.

The visual effects are completely baffling and incredible! The sound design is pretty epic with a soundtrack that helps with the scenes. The action sequences are very engaging, fun and goofy at times, bringing back memories of The Matrix and Scott Pilgrim.

There are not many movies that are as bonkers as this with a lot of adrenaline. It may not appeal for everyone, but this is a must watch!

Hope to see Oscar nominations (and maybe wins) for this!

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