Jaws ★★★★★

You gonna need to give Spielberg a Best Director nomination for this!

Of course, the direction is fantastic, the screenplay is really relevant. The acting is fine, although Robert Shaw did the best performance IMO.

It is the technical categories that did the best. The naturalistic cinematography is superb (in fact, it is the first film to shoot in the ocean)! The shots allows the film to be very suspensive. The editing is top notch - the pacing is perfect and allows audience to continue watching the movement of the shark. The music brings the suspense to another level (I don't think this is John Williams' best score, but one of his most notable ones).

It's shocking to see how effective a shark can bring a plot to another level. This is Hitchcockian film to another level.

I personally felt the movie is more relevant today - the need to obtain tourism despite of dangers, as well as ordinary people being heroes.

This is a masterpiece!

You gonna need to watch this film as soon as possible!

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