The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★

A story about the yearning to be boundless and mysterious in a world that’s increasingly closing inward, whether by the tick of our own biological clocks or the earth’s. Julie constantly flits between potential careers and relationships and versions of herself which combined with self-awareness and an overexposed internet culture forms a cocktail that can dull one’s instincts as much as embellish them. Does the ability to be adaptable make you adventurous or are you just wasting time? There’s a relatable angst about how we define ourselves running through this and I especially felt Aksel’s musings on the joy he used to feel in collecting physical cultural objects. Feels akin to collecting little totems to fill the tomb of a pharaoh no one will care about. But after all of the existential dread and fear of commitment, life goes on. Get a haircut, buy a new plant, you’ve still got time!

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