Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

The sheer isolated cinematic beauty of David Byrne alone with an acoustic guitar and a boombox playing "Psycho Killer."

The insane, frantic energy of a stage full of people yelling "Burning Down the House," somehow moving their bodies nonstop through the whole number.

The arresting contrast of light and shadow during "What A Day That Was," haunting and pulling you in in every single second, unable to break away from David Byrne's mesmerized stare.

David Byrne holding his arms up like a fire and brimstone preacher reciting the words to "Once In A Lifetime."

Tina Weymouth stepping up for "Genius of Love" and that moment where the camera captures Chris Frantz just grinning at her.

That infamously large suit.

This is my first time watching any Talking Heads live performance. A dear friend of mine led me through their discography a few months back, but this was my first time actually seeing them play that mystical, elusive, fascinating thing I had been hearing.

I'm captivated by all of them, they all seem to be in a trance for the whole show. Byrne in particular is a man possessed, you cannot rip your eyes away from him.

It is stunning in its simplicity, never has a group of people in grey standing on a stage, as in "This Must Be the Place," been so captivating.

I was absolutely captured by this. A truly electric feel. This is a high that cannot be beat. I see why people often put this on the level of or above The Last Waltz as it comes to concert films.

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