Cinderella 2000

Cinderella 2000 ★★

Imagine my surprise to find the scuzzy, science-fiction softcore porno I was watching is also a fully-fledged musical-comedy. I should have known Al Adamson was trying to combine the recent X-rated Alice in Wonderland with Flesh Gordon, surprisingly emulating their success...but at what cost?

Adamson truly out-weirds himself with this incredibly LOOSE adaptation of Cinderella (as well as, I suppose, Snow White, if you count the dwarf orgy), a cybersexual dystopia brimming with the Hornies (a real term from the movie) that eventually learns the beauty of sex.

Other highlights include a fairy godfather and -- call me crazy -- a riff on the sped-up A Clockwork Orange sequence. Roscoe, a sexually repressed robot is the film's lowest point. He's just obnoxious, a detriment that the music occasionally adheres to.

The astonishment that something this absurd could ever be conceived, let alone slapped together with a vacant budget (one of the costumes here is literally just bubblewrap), is what provides most of the entertainment value -- that is, if you can bear the boring softcore sex. Certainly one of the strangest things I've ever seen.

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