Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future ★★★★

This is something else, even for Cronenberg. Meditative and melancholy with a dark dose of kitsch, story takes a backseat to a weird array of characters discussing Cronenberg’s typical obsessions.

But even with a danger of coming across too directly, beneath the skin Cronenberg examines himself through Tenser; afraid of the evolution of modern horror, the film regresses, mixing devolving technology with new bodies. (The title is the same as one of his earliest films after all.)

Crimes of the Future is not immediately satisfying because it takes so long to adjust to its odd pace, small scope, living technology, new art, new sex, and conspiratorial edge that creeps in late. But it’s rewarding to reflect on. Very dense. There’s much more than what I’ve mentioned. Plus, it goes out with an ending that rivals even the shock of Videodrome’s final bang.

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