The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★

Hmm...still have no clue what to think!! I enjoyed it more this time though. Arrow's blu-ray upgrade is beautiful compared to the bootleg DVD I rented before, which cut a few scenes.

I have since learned this film was funded by John Lennon and Allen Klein, the actors were "trained" in psychedelic drugs and Taoism, and Jodorowsky fled to New York to finish the film after threats from right-wing militia...which explains a lot.

I'm hesitant to think Jodorowsky's primary concern is delivering a profound message -- or at least a comprehensible one -- considering the cheekier moments like a crying baby box (the result of machine intercourse), but he touches on everything under the sun with free reign: religion, mysticism, war, indoctrination, government, history, and the illusion of film.

This viewing felt much slower, maybe because I had seen it before, but it was no less spectacular. By and large The Holy Mountain is the most visually stimulating (?) movie I've ever seen. And I still immensely enjoy that wackass slap in the face of an ending. What a trip!!!

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