Favorite films

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Jurassic Park
  • Back to the Future
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure

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  • The Thomas Crown Affair


  • American Fiction


  • Funny Girl


  • A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies


Recent reviews

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Original Poem

    The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Original Poem


    Honestly, about as enjoyable as the feature film and a fine substitute if you are short on time. Everything is better when it's narrated by Christopher Lee.

  • The Man from Nowhere

    The Man from Nowhere


    Not much more than a mashup of Léon: The Professional and Taken (along with every other cliché on the Revenge Thriller Bingo card), but it's executed at such a high level of skill that my sense of déjà vu is more like déjà fu! That's a term I just made up that means "yes you've seen this kind of thing before but it kicks ass so who cares."

Popular reviews

  • British Airways Safety Video: Director's Cut

    British Airways Safety Video: Director's Cut

    You can file this under: I did that thing where I was looking at an actor's filmography on here, and of course I went to the bottom to see what the least popular ones were, I saw this, I saw that great thumbnail, I saw the rest of the surprisingly stacked cast, I saw that it was only 6 minutes, and I saw that it was YouTube. So yeah, of course I'm gonna watch it.

  • Walking with Dinosaurs

    Walking with Dinosaurs

    Agonizingly, shockingly awful. The effects might be pretty good, but everything surrounding them is a heaping pile of shit. The movie is less about watching a bunch of dinosaurs do dinosaur things and more about John Leguizamo cracking anachronistic jokes. "Worst. Migration. Ever." "You just got served!" "Go back to Turkey town!" These are all things that are said by dinosaurs. Uuugggghhhh this movie was just so fucking bad I can't even believe it.

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