Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

I stopped critiquing her decisions once I realized I'm a good candidate for the guy version of her. Directionless, unestablished. Both of our lives are infused with hope though, albeit aimed differently. Narratively too, we have the same transient friendships; rash decision making; drunken, stumbling, and afterward embarrassing monologues; and an inability to realize the good things in front of us.

Our similarities are displayed most clearly in the going to Paris for a weekend and then sleeping in so much you miss the day. Anytime my courage/restlessness reaches a level such that I actually do something, it's so poorly thought out and clumsy that it ends up being further justification for me to never do anything.

Bonus note: I loved how some scenes were infused with gags, like the wine pouring.

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