Upgrade ★★★★

Upgrade went from worthwhile scifi/ action-thriller to hour-40 minute Black Mirror episode at the flip of a switch. A sort of twist if you will.
I thought it was cool. The gimmick is a man loses his wife and use of arms and legs and gets a chip implanted in his neck by a wunderkind computer savant giving him full control of his body, and then some. He then obviously hunts his wife's killers. The chip gives him abilities which, when fight scenes are plentiful, meant they had to come up with something extra to keep them interesting. Tricky camerawork saves the day here ã la dolly and tracking shots. Again, I thought it was cool.
The fights usually ended in a graphic manner which was a bit much for my palette but not the end of the world.
The villain was interesting. Like idk how they made a white dude with a tucked-in polo and mustache intimidating but they did.
At the end of the day Upgrade was worthwhile like I said before. Predictable, yes. Fun? Yup.

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