8-Bit Christmas

8-Bit Christmas ★★★½

210th film of 2021: 8 Bit Christmas (Dowse, 2021) the new Christmas film from HBOMax has echoes of the classic A Christmas Story with its use of an adult voice-over narrating childhood memories of Christmas and a desire to receive the hottest toy of their time as kids— in this case the 8 bit Nintendo entertainment system. If you are a child of the 80s then this film should delight you and bring back fond memories of those times. Neil Patrick Harris plays the adult Jake Doyle who in attempt to make his young daughter understand why she can’t have a smartphone tells her of his attempts to convince his parents played by Steve Zahn and June Diane Raphael to give him the video game system for Christmas. Of course they say no which leads to numerous madcap efforts to get the ultimate Christmas gift but with this film there is a larger message conveyed that is moving.