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  • Bob le Flambeur

    Bob le Flambeur


    Silver-haired Robert "Bob" Montagné (Roger Duchesne) is a retired thief living in the Montmartre district of Paris. He's the epitome of cool, but he's also kind and generous, and everybody likes him. He's also an inveterate and successful gambler, known to all as "Bob le flambeur," literally, "Bob the high roller." Now, though, it seems that Lady Luck has deserted him, and he gives in to the temptation to join some of his pals to put together a big heist.…

  • Two Men in Manhattan

    Two Men in Manhattan


    Two French journalists scour New York City at night looking for a missing diplomat. Director Jean-Pierre Melville stars as Moreau, who is assigned to locate the man and find out the truth about what happened to him. He recruits his friend, the photographer Delmas (Pierre Grasset), to help him, but Moreau soon realizes that Delmas sees their investigation as an opportunity for a scoop and a big score.

    The film is moody and atmospheric, with some great shots of nighttime…

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  • The Quiet American

    The Quiet American


    The Quiet American is a superb adaptation of Graham Greene's 1955 novel about French Indochina. At the center of the story are a murder mystery and a love triangle, set in the context of the last days of the French colonial war in Vietnam and the beginning of American involvement there.

    The movie features an excellent, Oscar-nominated performance by Michael Caine as Thomas Fowler, an English journalist in Saigon. With his wife back in England, Fowler is enjoying life with…

  • Le Bonheur

    Le Bonheur


    Happiness. Idyllic. Until it's not. Unless you're François. Then whatever happens, you're still happy.