The Good Nurse

The Good Nurse ★★★½

This is the second screening I’ve seen at TIFF ‘22. The Q&A with director Tobias Lindhold, screenwriter Krysty Wilson-Carins, real life subject Amy Loughren, Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain was fascinating. The Good Nurse takes the familiar true crime construct of civilian-accidentally-befriending-killer (another great example of this would be Ann Rule’s The Stranger Beside Me), and turns it into an examination of the bureaucratic institutions (along with their criminal negligence) which enable psychopaths. There is also a great humanity placed upon its leads, the ending takes an In Cold Blood-style interrogation into Hannibal Lecter territory. It borders on the ridiculous, but still remains compelling. Eddie Redmayne gives this killer a great deal of soul, balancing between the physicality of a terminator and the personality of Norman Bates, playing greatly off of Chastain’s stoic nature guiding the story (she too, as always, is terrific as well). 

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