Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

I remember Roger Ebert once saying that he loved movies because it allows you to experience someone else’s beliefs, cultures, religion, etc. Well, in these movies, we have been lucky enough to spend time with a couple and walk in their shoes. We watched them fall in love, reconnected and try to make things work. Unlike the last two movies, which deal with the beginning of a relationship, which is always romantic, and then in the second film they see each other for the first time in years which is also very romantic, this movie actually deals with the relationship aspect. Jesse and Celine have been together for years and if you have been with another person for that long, you know that it isn’t always sunsets and sunrises.

After spending three movies with these characters, I don't want these movies to end. Lets check in in another 9 years from now and see how they are doing, and another 9 years and another, etc. But from what I have read, this may be the end to this trilogy. Therefore, if this is the end of this story, does the end satisfy me? I would say, yes. Sure in this film the central conflict is not resolved, but if it were to wrap things up neatly, that would be disingenuous to these characters. Instead the movie gives me hope.