Nope ★★★★

More enriching on re-watch, knowing what Gordy is there for and not trying to puzzle box everything in real time. A great allegory for our algorithm times, which we lament but are all still culpable for looking and feeding it. Whatever it is at the time. (Also, dare I say, a parallel hat-tip to reparations by the end; been there since the first motion picture shot, time to get paid for being left out for a century, even if it's capitalizing on trauma.)

I still feel like if Peele chased Jaws a little less (Michael Wincott, Brandon Perea) and filled out adult Jupe and his family more — then his entire thesis and stakes therein would've been strengthened. (The other third-act Spielberg chasing moment with TMZ, the hazmat E.T. scene, is perfect; down to the otherworldly costuming to show the lack of benevolent intent.) There's so much growth here as a filmmaker — use of sound, roving camera — that it's close to a masterpiece. But I keep coming back to how giving us more Steven Yeun would've connected the two stories more. This is a positive four-star review, but it's a little frustrating that it isn't five stars, baby, five stars. Because it's really close.

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