Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★½

In a year that's full of capitalism critiques, Uncut Gems is perhaps the most unique because it's a subtext, hidden, and made more powerful with each viewing, not just existing on the surface in plain sight. The mine in Ethiopia, the missing items in Adam Sandler's safe that he's said he kept in storage but is using as collateral for his own potential payoff, impulsively kicking someone out of the apartment with only 24 hours notice, etc. this is too big to fail banking encapsulated into one white man's ego. This rock holds more power than Parasite's rock, for me, because not everything screams symbolism, but the more angles you look, the more of the universe you see.

Entertaining beginning to end; compulsion is rolling a rock higher and higher up a hill until it flattens everyone below.

[EDIT: I'd like to just put here that when I used the Adam Sandler is the bank and Lakeith Stanfield needs a loan to buy a house analogy on a friend he asked, who are the general public?? And 100% we are the kid who needs to take a shit and that's how we learns that our father is cheating on our mother.]

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