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  • Final Destination 2

    Final Destination 2


    HoopTober 7.0

    Film 28

    Vicious blend of camp, gore, suspense, and humor, rendered with disturbing atmospherics and creepy death-oriented vibes. Final Destination 2 wastes absolutely no time getting going. It knows what it’s here to do, and doesn’t make any attempt to define or focus on character. Instead, it’s all about the complex death traps, which are beautifully choreographed, sinister, and shocking.

    The opening car crash sequence remains the best piece in the franchise, depicting a savage and fiery interstate…

  • AVP: Alien vs. Predator

    AVP: Alien vs. Predator


    HoopTober 7.0

    Film 27

    I’ve always wanted to like this, but I can’t make a good case for it.  It’s so completely flat. Flat performances, flat effects, flat story, flat direction. They took A list material and treated it like it was B.

    I still don’t get how 20th Century Fox allowed two of their best franchises to drift into such mediocrity. Ridley Scott, James Cameron, John need a powerhouse filmmaker to give these films the juice they need.…

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  • Aliens



    HoopTober 7.0

    Film 26

    Got home from a theatrical screening of Alien, and even though it was late and I had to work the next day, I had to fire up James Cameron's Aliens on the home theater and get back in space with Ellen Ripley.

    James Cameron gifts the sequel with his vast creativity and scope, and while he shifts the tone away from the isolated terror of Ridley Scott's vision into more of an action-oriented journey, he smartly…

  • Alien



    HoopTober 7.0

    Film 25

    “It's a robot! Ash is a goddamn robot!”

    I (re)watched Ridley Scott’s Alien in a theatrical screening at Full Moon Cineplex here in Nashville. The film is about as perfect and enjoyable as a movie can get for me, and seeing it on a giant screen is always a special treat. Technically, it’s such a vivid creation, nearly Gothic in its photography, gloomy and dark and workmanlike, yet lavish; it's also a masterclass of tension and…