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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep

    Director Mike Flanagan faced an almost insurmountable task in "Dr. Sleep": Making a sequel to a Kubrick masterpiece based off of a novel by an author that famously hates said film. He managed to pull off this feat by straddling a fine line between homage and innovation, coming up with a product that both the Kubrick estate and Stephen King approved of.

    While not the Great Film it's predecessor is, "Dr Sleep" is a very good movie nonetheless, moving at…

  • Ghostbusters



    What makes Ghostbusters work is the plot skeleton: a truly creepy and at times horrifying Lovecraftian tale of the Apocalypse. Ramis and Ackroyd then drape that skeleton with a comedic story so funny, I'm laughing merely remembering it. This mix of genuine horror and side splitting comedy works like peanut butter and chocolate, a synergy that elevates the film to possibly the greatest comedy of the '80s.