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  • The Ref

    The Ref


    I remembered it was pretty good.

    It's better than I remembered.

  • This Is Where I Leave You

    This Is Where I Leave You


    MVP: Rose Byrne.


  • Magic in the Moonlight

    Magic in the Moonlight


    Firth and Stone are charming but it's one of Allen's flattest and most uninteresting screenplays. Which is saying something.

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    One of the best films of the year.

    Second time I really noticed the social subtext-the idea that Amy is a person constantly rewriting her own narrative like her parents did for years but is also unable to adapt to change or crisis without insanity. And Pike is just phenomenal, but Dickens gives one of the year's truly underrated performances.

  • Time Bandits

    Time Bandits


    "I would have started with lasers! 8 o'clock! Day one!"

  • As Above, So Below

    As Above, So Below

    Awards season is officially over.

    As Above, So Fucking Bad

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    "Pancakes aren't quite as good as my mother's but what I really go for here is the respect."

    A melancholy noir. A stoner dramedy. A screenwriting exercise in that nearly every scene is a two-character dialogue piece. A story that seems set in hazy memory of the '70s more than the period itself. And something else altogether undefinable that I need to see again.

    I LOVE it.

  • Get on Up

    Get on Up


    There's so much life to cram into one movie that the episodic, formless approach actually works better than skimming the surface chronologically. The script could be better (they drop the ball on his civil rights importance) but damn is Boseman GREAT. Better than most biopic performances in recent years, even the Oscar-winning ones.

  • Citizenfour



    Excuse me while I unplug everything and hide under a blanket...

  • Wild



    Laura Dern should be in everything. Yes, everything.

  • Mr. Turner

    Mr. Turner


    It took me some time to find my way into it given its remarkably deliberate pace but I found the final very engaging. It's minor Leigh for me overall but still solid, as is everything he's ever made.

  • Merchants of Doubt

    Merchants of Doubt


    Yep. Climate change deniers are assholes.