Carol ★★½

Just finished Carol. Can't say I agree with the universal praise the film receives. I did really enjoy several aspects of this film from the way it transports you to a moment in time during the early 50's with its exceptional production design and costumes, to the gorgeous cinematography (especially through the fog/dew/rain covered Windows), and finally the magnificent performances from the leads. The film just seemed off to me. Very rushed at times. And while Blanchet and Mara have great chemistry it felt much more like that of a caring teacher and an apt pupil then that of lovers. The whole relationship felt very systamatic and lacking an emotional connection as a romance or even just a friendship. The romance was extremely quick and wasn't given time for it to breathe. One moment Therese doesn't know what she wants and the next she is in a lovers embrace with Carol. Also, the film gives each woman a male antagonist that are so one dimensional. You could literally swap the dialogue between the two and no one would have been the wiser. Most of the problems I have with this film can all come full circle to the thinly written script which really lacks anything to give the film the emotional punch that it so desperately needed. Still a solid watch, but there could have been so much more.

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