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  • Arizona Dream

    Arizona Dream


    New favorite. Lili Taylor is insanely wonderful as Fay Dunaway’s “daughter”. Cast also includes Johnny Depp, Jerry Lewis, and Vincent Gallo! I don’t know how I had not seen before. It’s funny, beautifully absurd in a very good 1993 way and brilliantly acted.

  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66



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  • She Dies Tomorrow

    She Dies Tomorrow


    I thought this was a banger, but I am suffering from quar brain and the full moon so I’m crying at everything and not making sense. I saw it at Vineland Drive, pulled up to a friends car and the whole outing was just sweet fun. I ate fettuccine pasta left overs as I watched. I felt like it was the perfect quar existential horror but I think people wanting a true scary movie will find it to be disappointing, but…

  • The Rapture

    The Rapture


    This movie really creeps me out. I saw it awhile ago with my friend, Josh, and rewatched the other night. Mimi Rogers plays a telephone operator and swinger in LA who is very bored with her life. Constantly on the look out with her partner to fuck couples until she starts hearing about the end of the world. She transforms into a born again Christian with her partner David Duchovny and things get fucky when she starts hearing messages from…