Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★

there are a lot of things i liked about this but i don't think they were enough to sweep me away entirely

the backdrop of each scene was stunning, whether it was the italian architecture or natural scapes or the perlman house which was full of tiny details. each shot could have been turned into a work of art. i've always wanted to visit italy and i felt completely enchanted by the scenery.

i liked elio, how weird and restless and excitable he was, and timothee was good at showing the intensity of elio's feelings in each look he gave oliver. i also LOVED elio's parents, they were adorable and supportive and perceptive and beautiful, and michael stuhlbarg's speech really was touching (it was one of the scenes i was worried would be overhyped but it wasn't for me which i was thankful for)

however i didn't warm to oliver as much. when he was first introduced, he was loud and seemed to just barge into their lives. and i'm not that convinced by armie hammer as an intellectual academic, it felt pretentious to me. also why would he get into a relationship with elio if he was already in one with someone he soon after became engaged to? was he just leading elio on the whole time? i didn't understand

and i have to mention the peach scene, what even was that? it didn't serve any purpose other than being really weird and awkward to watch. plus at the start of the scene elio ate a peach and then continued reading a book with the same tacky hands, at the very least wipe your hands you brat

even though i don't entirely like the film, i can understand why people do. it is a charming and pretty film, full of little moments that lead to bigger moments that all culminate in the final half an hour or so, and i am weak and i will admit that i felt my eyes prickling and my heart breaking when he called his mum to pick him up. and also during the credits.

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