this was stunning, just stunning

i've been so lucky to see margot develop from a film fan (like the rest of us mere mortals) to an unstoppable force with so much talent and drive and motivation and so much to give in the world of filmmaking, and it's been wonderful to see this project unfold

everything about this screams professionalism and sophistication, from the concept to the directing and editing and sound to the fantastic acting. charlotte was so warm yet intense and quiet and sincere and it added so much to the story

and what was a real highlight for me personally was the beautiful cinematography and colouring, the pastels were so pretty which also added an almost unsettling feeling to the story and was really effective

congratulations to everyone involved in this, you can really feel how much effort and care went into this film and it really paid off! margot, if this is how you are just starting out then you have such a bright future ahead of you and i hope to see so much more from you, i'm so excited to see where you will go from here!

m 💜