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  • Waves



    fucking unbelievable; it’s the culmination of all 2010s arthouse cliches with its changing aspect ratios to its neon lights to its story beats. hides behind its uninspired style to mask its extreme lack of real empathy and emotion that it thinks it has.

  • Pasolini



    “Narrative art, as you well know, is dead. We are in a period of mourning. Mine is not a tale, it is a parable. The meaning of this parable is the relationship of an author to the form he creates.”

    Upon my second viewing, I feel as though I’ve fully clicked with what Ferrara set out to do with the fluctuating use of both the English and Italian language; Pasolini speaks the same language as the people around him if…

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  • Hazbin Hotel

    Hazbin Hotel

    really awesome i liked when they said fuck and talked about sex like wtf you’re not supposed to do that!

  • Skin



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    - literally every fucking redemption cliche in the history of cinema is used here, there is little to no originality
    - a scene in which 3 Muslim migrants are killed has zero emotion, but as soon as the dog is killed nattiv turns to empathy, clearly not confident enough in his story to show emotion for, I don’t know, the people the main character is trying to defend?
    - they announced at the end of my screening that nattiv & jenkins…