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  • Beware! The Blob

    Beware! The Blob


    Cinema bizarro at its best. Every shot is so baffling and hillarious and it’s improved on the original in every way. This is just a trip in the best possible way and I fucking adored it. Such a masterpiece man. Wow.

    If you need any motivation to watch it-

    Cute cat
    Avocado sandwiches
    Gorilla suit man (Beef from phantom of the paradise)
    49 cent things!
    Sculpting hair.

    What more do you people want?

  • Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now


    Scavenger Hunt #67, Task 6. Watch a movie from a college film class syllabus

    Woah. What a captivating film. I didn’t know how I feel about apocalypse now before I watched it because war and western are my least favorite genres but I was absolutely blown away by this film. It is so poetic, it’s got absolutely brilliant direction by FFC. I love Kramer vs Kramer but Robert Benton’s work on that film is in no way better than Coppola…

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  • Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell

    Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell


    *weeps while downloading all of arthur russell’s discography on youtube music*

    i’m sure krisha would’ve been a really good film but i am so glad i swapped out to wild combination. i had never listened to or even heard of arthur russell prior to watching this film, it was just short so i put it on. man, i was blown away, this is just a simple and beautiful portrait of his life, as the title suggests. showing his uniqueness, eccentricities,…

  • Soapdish



    A pretty decent chick flick. I was expecting a bit more of a Mel Brooks style of satire of soap operas which I didn’t really get but there’s still some funny situational comedy moments, although there’s also one joke at the end that’s extremely rude and insensitive, I do get it was a different time 30 years ago but that particular moment aged like spoiled milk. There are some pretty great performances here that work quite well though, Sally Field,…

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  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    Borat is back and maybe when we need him the most. Sacha Baron Cohen slips back into this character so well after 14 years, he really is a modern comedy legend and I wish he did more work (I’ve still got to see Chicago 7). 

    Borat: subsequent moviefilm: delivery of prodigious bribe to American regime for make Benefit Once Glorious nation of Kazakhstan takes the route of cementing itself right into 2020. While these means it may not hold up…

  • Tenet


    Nolan has really lost it with tenet I’ve gotta say. The visual effects look like something out of sharkboy and lavagirl and the acting is as wooden as a board. At least Michael Caine eats a burger backwards, that was funny.

    Verdict: skip it.