Annette ★★★★½

The best films are the ones that try something different. This movie is different than anything I’ve ever seen. The story is a rock opera type story about a fucked up guy, his marriage, and his downward spiral. I don’t want to spoil it because it’s so much better going in blind. It’s also written and scored by one of my favorite musical artists, Sparks so I was pretty sure I’d love this no matter what, but still this surprised me a lot. Adam Driver gives what I think is easily his best performance yet. If he gets no awards love or instead does for something that’s 100% gonna be worse like house of Gucci, my hatred of award shows will rise even more. This at least deserves a best song nom. Marion Cotillard and Simon Herbert also give pretty outstanding performances, Helberg manages to break out of that Big Bang theory mold really well here.  Leos Carax also has some pretty fantastic direction here. This movie is awesome, could possibly go up to 5 on rewatch. This was an awesome experience on the big screen.

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