Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

Before sunrise is looking in the present, before sunset is looking in the past, and before midnight is looking in the future. 

It’s difficult to discuss this movie without spoiling it because it has so many layers that could be delved into in heavy analysis, all 3 films do but this film is this culmination of all of it.

In the first 30 minutes or so, I had my doubts about it and I thought it may not be that good but then when we got more into who Jesse and Celine are now I was fully hooked. Before midnight though my least favorite of the trilogy is still a perfect mind blowing masterpiece of cinema that I feel is often overlooked when discussing the trilogy and unrightfully so.

The dialogue in this film is my favorite of any, the lines between Jesse and Celine are breathtaking, some of the best dialogue I’ve ever heard it’s so real and heartbreaking but also deeply layered and beautiful.

Hawke and Delpy are once again absolutely amazing in these roles, 10/10 performances. Linklater once again brings the film to life through the dynamic shots and while I prefer sunrise and sunset, midnight has something so special about it thats really amazing. It has the same cast and storyline but their relationship is much different than it was 18 and 9 years ago. They are experienced, for better and for worse. Celine and Jesse are looking to their futures, wondering about death and what comes next. Midnight is a lot darker than Sunrise and Sunset, it faces the reality of the love, it still has love as the theme but it takes a much different turn from the first to. Thinking about it today has given me some chills because of how great the dialogue and the conclusion to this beautiful trilogy was.

Sorry wimpy kid, Linklater’s before trilogy is my new favorite trilogy. Thank you so much Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke, and Julie Delpy for making this wonderful trilogy and thank you film club for introducing me to it, without film club I may’ve never gotten as into it as I am. It’s so good.

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