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This review may contain spoilers.

Gone girl is so raw, so layered in depths, meanings, mysteries, love, death, loss, the media that could be interpreted in many ways but in none of these interpretations are these characters, particularly Amy and Nick likable.

In the worlds of David Fincher’s films, he creates jaded lead characters who have chips on their shoulders, they’ve done many bad things out of spite, envy, selfishness, lust. In everything I’ve seen from him (except for Benjamin Button), he’s had leads who have been unlikable in many aspects, they all range in terms of moral goodness, but I think the leads of gone girl are the least likable. They both want what will be best for themselves and don’t mind hurting others for themselves. I do think Amy is overall worse but in having both of the characters, Fincher manages to create an even more interesting story about a man who is automatically framed for killing his wife even though that isn’t true.

I already knew about the scene where Amy murdered Desi in bed because whenever I would mention the film to my parents they would talk about that scene but thankfully that didn’t hinder the effectiveness of that scene, it’s so horrifying and it’s a great culmination of everything that led up to that moment.

I don’t have as much of a deeply thought out review as I thought I may because I have so many thoughts steaming through my mind and I really need to rewatch it before I can form my full thoughts upon the film but it’s so intricate and amazing in how it’s formed, the acting is amazing, the realistic portrayal of the media and how it’s so quick to jump onto someone and accuse them without looking at any other sides first and how demented it can be.

The score is also sooooo good, it might be my favorite score now, perhaps even better than synecdoche New York, the way Reznor and Ross seamlessly blends together synths and ambiance to create this haunting backdrop for gone girl to exist upon is so brilliant and it gave me chills all the way through. The screenplay by Gillian Flynn was brilliant and the dynamic of Afleck, Pike, and the other actors worked very well because they were working off a great script. The cinematography and editing by Croneweth and Baxter respectively is seamless and it brings you into the story and it’s also done so exquisitely but also horrifyingly. Then of course Fincher’s direction ties the whole thing together to create the masterpiece that is gone girl. A terrifying psychological thriller that I feel stands out wonderfully among Fincher’s filmography as a fascinating work of art. I believe this really deserves a criterion release. Also a genuinely great performance by Tyler Perry, I need to watch another charming British comedy with Rosamund Pike to juxtapose this soon. Thanks Lauren.

Watched for roulette, round 6.

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