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  • Key Largo

    Key Largo


    Never fully appreciated this when I first watched it. Its a stunner from start to finish.

    The back and forth between Bogie and Eddie G. Eddie's ego getting the better of him, his mind slowly coming apart at the seems as the storm takes the hotel apart at the walls. Bogie needling him, pushing him towards the edge.

    Hustons direction, the claustrophobia of the hotel, the heat and sweat and cracking windows. The close ups and Eddie whispering awful things…

  • The Great Beauty

    The Great Beauty


    One man’s reckoning with a life lived. On a second watch its funnier, more beautiful, more heartbreaking, more vibrant and full of life, more questioning, more damning, more everything. Spending just short of two and a half hours in the company of Jep Gambardella feels painfully too brisk.

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  • Cure



    A knot appeared in the pit of my stomach at the half way point and didn’t let up until the credits stopped rolling. A thoroughly uncomfortable picture.

  • Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown


    500 words or so on 'Jackie Brown'

    It may be a mans, mans, mans world, but Jackie is taking it and walking off with it.

    Some pictures are irrelevantly plotted. Some pictures are immaculately plotted. Few are both. ‘Jackie Brown’ is. Its a hangout, its a heist picture. Its unrequited love and payback and blaxploitation and pulp. Its an ironing picture - the best kind of picture.

    Jackie’s had enough. Plans are afoot, and Jackie says this:

    'Well, I’ve flown…

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